Linda I look younger than I am wen I was younger I looked older Scorpios women r like that. Kennedy Mwaura Hi everyone.

This is so so me. How about we all connected and did great things for the world? We can begin by forming a WhatsApp group called November Your thoughts? I'm from Kenya. Let's chat good people! Novem Yes I have a unique life younger husband two sets of twins n two different color eyes. Did we mention stamina???

Good and pretty accurate definitions as they relate to me. Still very young at heart too!

November 18 Zodiac: Scorpio

Happy Birthday to all who share this date. Mike Yes still young at heart still getting it with the women. Aj My day too. Adam That's wild this site decribed me and they don't know me many people don't local. Kenny brown Wow,that's all me.

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Ahon Happy to see all of you scorpion Agatha seems real. Raul [quote]Message from Agatha seems real. EM Happy Birthday to those who are born on this day! Its so nice to read such nice and interesting things and feel the same way. Wonderful and Amazing Feeling!

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Always great to be a Scorpio and born on the 18th! I dnt and cnt forgive unfaithful people. Emmanuel Its real Martina I am born that date! It is true that I am highly intuitive! I see and feel almost everything that is going around me. I look at people's eyes when they are talking to me and I hear exactly what they mean, not what they say.

Scorpio Personality: October 23 - November 21 | HowStuffWorks

I am not afraid of anythyone or anything! Strong will power! Isabel Yes I'm also born this look up the 52 playing cards u r cards is the 2 of clubs and look up your tarot cards which is the moon. Antonio I think its strange that you don't go and see him. How would you feel if I said, "i put 5 vaginas on hold for you". I don't need that attention so every woman I encounter gets me with no baggage. Tabitha I am born on this day, baily, and in my experience he probably really does like you alot, but maybe you just aren't his priorty at the moment.

Prakash Tank It is totally suit for me!! Thank you. It best describes me Hoping to marry a Scorpio And people keep telling me to go with the flow, like it says here! I'm actually really glad this kind of understands me, because no one really does! Skitty7 All of this sounds like me. In any case, they think before they do something. It is possible to find hot-headed individuals among Libras, but they are very rare exceptions.

Scorpio Toughness, Strength x Fanaticism, Uncompromising People born under the sign of Scorpio can think very clearly, they have a good judgement and can assess situations very well. They also have a good memory and a very creative mind, which is characterised by its originality. Sagittarius Enthusiasm, Power to persuade x Boastfulness People born under the sign of Sagittarius bear the seal of the ruler of their sign, Jupiter, which symbolizes justice and happiness. They are therefore optimistic, active, social and very honest, sometimes to the extent that their directness hurts others, without them being aware of it.

Capricorn Concentration, Reliability x Bitterness, Sadness Capricorn sign is ruled by the planet Saturn, which gives people born under this sign peace, patience, perseverance and ambition. These people are able to put maximum effort into work they have chosen to do or which they were told to do. Aquarius Friendship, Originality x Rebellion, Outsider People born under the sign of Aquarius are influenced by two different planets. Saturn gives them peace of mind, concentration and persistence, while Uranium is responsible for their restlessness, originality and short temper.

Pisces Selflessness, Dedication x Easily influenced People born under the sign of Pisces are just like people born under the sign of Aquarius influenced by two planets.

November 18 Zodiac Sign

Jupiter gives them sense for justice, social conscience and willingness to help others, while Neptune both helps them and complicates their life. Retrieved 4 July Hinduism: An Alphabetical Guide. Penguin Books India. London: Board of Longitude, Patrick Grim ed. Philosophy of science and the occult.

November 18th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Scorpio - Part 1

Ptolemy's Catalogue of Stars: a revision of the Almagest. Carnegie Institution of Washington, Catesby Taliaferro ed. Ptolemy refers to the constellation as Septentarius "the serpent holder". October The Observatory. Bibcode : Obs He later issued a statement to say he had not reported that the zodiac ought to include 13 signs instead of 12, but was only mentioning that there were 13 constellations; reported in Mad Astronomy : Why did your zodiac sign change? International Planetarium Society.

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