They know that you will protect their reputation whenever the need arises. All the same, you have a couple of areas that you need to work on.

Taurus - Horoscope - by Michele Knight

These failings are likely to derail your progress unless you handle them decisively. For example, you tend to be too suspicious. You see ghosts where none exists. This often prevents you from adopting advice from others, on the misguided notion that it could be malicious. Also, you are not gracious enough to accept your mistakes.

If anything, you turn resentful and aggressive when your mistakes are pointed out. How else will you ever learn? Your mistakes will provide you with precious lessons in life. Heed them! All in all, you are destined to soar high in this life.

Scorpio traits

Just identify where your passions lie and pursue them relentlessly. You share the November 20 birthday with a number of famous people from across the globe. November 20 zodiac people are in the 3rd decan od Scorpio. You are in the same group as people born between 13th November and 21st November.

The Moon plays a central role in your life. It empowers you with the more outstanding characteristics of Scorpio. For example, you are mysterious, determined, and influential. Without a doubt, you are a strong people person. You like involving people in your plans and activities. However, you are not likely to lay down all your plans from the onset.


The secretive streak in you would not allow this. Your birthday stands for peace, harmony, creativity, and imagination. These are the stepping-stones to your future. Use them wisely. You can put your unique passion and energy in the corporate world. The good thing about careers in the corporate world is that they operate under very tight structures. You need this kind of an environment to thrive. Otherwise, you may find yourself moving from one job to another. If spending your life in transition is not the thing for you, look for a job that has tight deadlines.

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Red-Orange if the magic color of people born on November This is the color of energy, passion, and aggression. Just like this color, your personality is on fire. You are unstoppable where projects, deadlines, and timelines are concerned. Love and Compatibility for November 20 Zodiac November 20 zodiac people are as passionate as they are mysterious when it comes to matters of the heart. A word of caution! Ruled by the clear and direct Air element , these three zodiac signs embrace truth, conversation, and ideas. They are communicators, mediators, and fighters of truth and justice.

With sharp minds and a real sense of social awareness, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the intellects of the zodiac. These three zodiac signs are associated with the Water element , giving them soft hearts, open minds, and old souls.

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They are lovers and nurturers, and live their lives with a deep understanding of what's happening around them -- the seen and the unseen. Sensitive, soulful, and connected, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the intuitives of the zodiac.

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  7. Your "zodiac sign" is so important, but it's just one of the signs that make up YOU! The Sun is just one part of your Astrology -- every key planet in our solar system has an impact on you, and is associated with a specific zodiac sign. So while you have one sign of the zodiac representing the Sun's location at your birth, you have another sign that represents your emotions the location of the Moon at your birth , your love life the location of Venus , and more! So why is your Sun sign the most important of all? She has a provocative magnetism.

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    She is maternal, not smothering. Whether she has a satisfying career or family life -- or both -- she gives everything. She can be demanding but is equally demanding of herself.

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    Always looking to transform herself for the better, she never seems to age but grows in wisdom and maturity. The Scorpio child can test a parent's limits. This little one may start playing power games in the cradle. Everything is a means of achieving power and mastery over others. As Scorpio children grow, they are better able to handle the extremes in their nature.

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    They generally have positive motives in mind. They want to understand the way the world works, and they won't rest until they do. Parents need to stay ahead of this child. Astrology has made the words "lover" and "Scorpio" virtually synonymous, but it is misleading to think they are preoccupied with sex.